3 Fender guitars

Comments from some of our clients!

“Working at NYTuneSaloon with Tony Di Lullo is always a pleasure. Tony’s focus is always on helping the artist get the sound they are looking for, and creating a fun, comfortable, creative environment.”
~ Caeser Pink

“Thank you so much for your amazing work on Kenya Kin! I’m so thrilled with it! And I love having your and Livi’s voices on the final choruses. Looking forward to working with you on the trailer!!”
~ Janis Thomas

“Great job on Bonny’s songs! All your guitar parts were super! Fills at the appropriate spots & sooo tasty! I’ve played with some of the best session guys in the world and your feel and taste is way up there!”
~ Tony Moon

“Huge thanks to you again for you skill, time, and patience with this record. Great job!”
~ Gary Pickard

“Thanks for being a part of this. I love making music with you and hope we can still make the full length album in the near future!!”
~ Joseph Eid

“I have always enjoyed recording in Tony’s Tune Saloon. He makes me feel comfortable and is knowledgeable about sound, playing, arranging, and mixing. He is the whole package.”
~ Rita Jackson