Young blonde woman walking on city street in black and white

Recording Lada Gaga

A good friend of mine, producer Joe Vulpis, was not able to record vocals for one of his clients, Stefani Germanotta; yes, the one and only Lady Gaga.  It was 2003 and she was just Stefani back then, and only 16 years old.  She was auditioning for the Tisch School at NYU and needed a vocal demo of jazz tunes. Joe had done the piano tracks already and it was my task to get these vocals recorded.

She came down to my studio on Spring Street, in the basement of a chiropractor’s office (it was actually a very cool space!)  She was so full of life and already a fantastic singer. She banged out three great vocals including “Orange Colored Sky”, a great tune and not easy to sing.  She would ask me, “Was that take okay?” I would have to convince her it was great, which was the absolute truth.

She was going places and it would be so much further than West 4th Street.

So Stefani, if you by any chance happen to see this post, I wonder if you would remember our sessions in that Spring Street basement all those years ago.