Welcome to our TuneSaloon !

1. Milky Way

2. Everything is New with you
Uptempo Indie Rock

3. Out Of Breath
Suspensefull, dynamic, guitar driven, action piece

4. Soft Side
Feel good acoustic track, with piano/marimba melody

5. Runway
Driving Pop/Dance

6. Summer Sidewalk
Carefree, ukulele/whistling

7. Avenue B
Upbeat Retro/Indie Rock

8. Lost_Cause
Slow mystery, etherial

9. Dream it, Do it
Uplifting Anthemic Rock - full song with vocal/ lyrics

10. A Box Of Starlight
Sweet classical, cello lead

11. This Could Be Love
Classic Rock, Americana with vocal

12. Brighter Day
Pop, Reggae with vocal

13. Metamorphosis
Big Build / Anthemic

14. Joe's Boat
Organic feel good track with flute, handclaps

15. Hay Ride

16. Rubber Cement
Funky New Age

17. The Whistler
Uptempo whistling with a hint of Spaghetti Western

18. Coffee Run
Upbeat Indie Rock

19. Turnpike Dreams
Country Ambience

20. Carefree
Easy Listening whistling with Hip Hop groove

21. Samba Olivia
Driving Samba

22. Victorious
Anthemic Rock

23. Easy Peasy
Feel good, acoustic, voals, piano

24. Deer Crossing

25. Apple Picker
Blue Grassy finger picking with dobro

26. Bossa_Giancarlo
Bossa Nova

27. You Too
Spooky funky

28. Rolling With The Punches
Acoustic guitar with dreamy melody

29. You Didn't Forget
Shuffle with vocals and pizzicato strings

30. Leap Of Faith
Dark, spooky, mysterious with build

31. It's All Good
Innocent ukulele with vocals

32. Drifting Thoughts
Slow mystery with acoustic guitars and 'e-bow'

33. Tip Toe
Pizzcato strings

34. Up In The Air
Ukulele, whistling with Charleston feel

35. Pop Up
Ukulele, mandolin with 'wash board groove'

36. Guitar Darkness
Spooky, mystery, heavy guitars